NanoCeram® vs Ultraviolet Light

Ultraviolet light (UV) systems are good at killing bacteria but they do not filter anything! These UV systems also have a maintenance issue, the lights have a clear glass tube that surrounds the light bulb from water. If the glass leaks and the water hits the light bulb the system is done. That very seldom … Read More

NanoCeram Vs. Reverse Osmosis ?

Even though both types of filters are considered in the class of “Ultra Filters” they are completely different. Reverse osmosis (RO) does a great job of removing some contaminants but there are some it does not remove. RO systems also remove beneficial minerals. There are two major problems with all RO systems. First, all RO's … Read More

What is Sediment Filter ?

Using a 0.5 micro high-quality sediment filter, this stage removes small particles including dirt, other minute impurities, and particles that are 15 times smaller than a grain of sand.

What is NanoCeram®?

NanoCeram® nanofiltration filters are a unique and patented technological breakthrough in nanotechnology and water filtration developed by Argonide Corp. (USA). NanoCeram filters are special electropositively charged nano filters made out of nanomaterials and can be used for home water filtration, laboratory virus samplers, and industrial process water filtration when the removal of fine particulates, microorganisms, colloids or turbidity - … Read More