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All Osmosis Water purifier already meet the World Health Organization (WHO) standard, the WHO guidelines for drinking-water quality which are the international reference point for standards setting and drinking-water safety. The latest guidelines drew up by the WHO are those agreed to in 2008

The Osmosis Water Purifier’s filters are certified by NSF International with standard 42 and 53. All the connectors and tubes are certified by NSF 51 and 61.

Our water purifiers are designed to purify water being delivered from a municipal water utility. Osmosis Water purifier a basic five-stage filtration system comprising 3-stage pre-filtration, nanoceram and carbon post-filtration. Together this helps ensure impurities and contaminants that may be found in municipal water are removed.

PVC is a type of plastic and doesn't leach out of the plastic into our system. Since our system is certified by NSF and has passed a leach test, there can't be any plastic particles in our water.

Yes , our Nano Ceram Filter actively remove fluoride

Yes our filter can actively remove arsenic.

We have done internal lab testing that shows our filters can reduce chloramine. However, the presence of chloramine can reduce the expected life of the filter, so if you have chloramine in your water, you may need to change your filter more often than normal.

We are not certified to reduce phenols.

We are not certified to reduce cryptosporidium (microbiological cysts).

Our filter contains specific materials which inhibit the growth of bacteria within the cartridge.

Food grade AS and ABS plastics.

No, the water pressure of your unfiltered tap water will not be affected at all.