Before Buying

What Drinking water standard meet for Osmosis Water Purifier?
All Osmosis Water purifier already meet the World Health Organization (WHO) standard, the WHO guidelines for drinking-water quality which are the international reference point for standards setting and drinking-water safety. The latest guidelines drew up by the WHO are those agreed to in 2008
Is Osmosis Water Purifier certified?
The Osmosis Water Purifier’s filters are certified by NSF International with standard 42 and 53. All the connectors and tubes are certified by NSF 51 and 61.
Does the Osmosis Water Purifier purify all kinds of water?
Our water purifiers are designed to purify water being delivered from a municipal water utility. Osmosis Water purifier a basic five-stage filtration system comprising 3-stage pre-filtration, nanoceram and carbon post-filtration. Together this helps ensure impurities and contaminants that may be found in municipal water are removed.
Does the filter remove PVC?
PVC is a type of plastic and doesn't leach out of the plastic into our system. Since our system is certified by NSF and has passed a leach test, there can't be any plastic particles in our water.
Does the Osmosis Water Purifier filter remove Fluoride?
Yes , our Nano Ceram Filter actively remove fluoride
Does the Osmosis Water Purifier remove Arsenic?
Yes our filter can actively remove arsenic.
Does the Osmosis Water Purifier remove Chloramine?
We have done internal lab testing that shows our filters can reduce chloramine. However, the presence of chloramine can reduce the expected life of the filter, so if you have chloramine in your water, you may need to change your filter more often than normal.
Does the filter remove Phenol?
We are not certified to reduce phenols.
Does the filter remove Cryptosporidium?
We are not certified to reduce cryptosporidium (microbiological cysts).
Does bacteria build up in the filter?
Our filter contains specific materials which inhibit the growth of bacteria within the cartridge.

Buying Advice

Which type of water purifier product should I purchase?
First know what is purpose of water purifier. If you are looking for hot and cold function, most of our models are already equipped with this function besides WPU2800 and Hybrid Pure 15.
I want to buy a water ionizer, do you have this model
Yes, ION1100 can fit your requirement.
Where do I shop for water purifier?
Just call our hotline 2110 9369 , our sales representative will answer you all question and site check
Can I use in my home?
Yes, you can choose countertop model which designed for home or small office usage.
Can I use in our office ?
Yes, All of our model can be used in office. However, most of the office user will use freestanding model with bigger cold and hot tank
My water is dirty, it has a color to it. Why is it dirty and how can I make it clean?
If your water is coming from a well and the water is rust colored, then the problem is probably iron. If the water color is black it could be either sulfur, which has a smell like rotten eggs or manganese. All of these can be treated with our NaonCeram Filter . A bigger problem is if the water has a.....
My water taste bad? What may be the cause and can it be corrected?
If you want to just treat the drinking and cooking water at your sink POU (point of use), you have several good options. Our water purifier can greatly improve the taste and the quality of your water.

Filtration Techniques

What is NanoCeram®?
NanoCeram® nanofiltration filters are a unique and patented technological breakthrough in nanotechnology and water filtration developed by Argonide Corp. (USA). NanoCeram filters are special electropositively charged nano filters made out of nanomaterials and can be used for home water filtration, laboratory virus samplers, and industrial process water filtration when the removal of fine particulates, microorganisms, colloids or turbidity - from a few microns down.....
What is Sediment Filter ?
Using a 0.5 micro high-quality sediment filter, this stage removes small particles including dirt, other minute impurities, and particles that are 15 times smaller than a grain of sand.
What is post carbon filter and mineral filter ?
Enhances the fresh taste of water, providing a natural taste by removing dissolved gases and odors through a high quality granular activated bituminous filter.
What is activated carbon and what does it do?
And removes chlorine and organic substances, as well as trihalome-thane and other harmful substances.
NanoCeram Vs. Reverse Osmosis ?
Even though both types of filters are considered in the class of “Ultra Filters” they are completely different. Reverse osmosis (RO) does a great job of removing some contaminants but there are some it does not remove. RO systems also remove beneficial minerals. There are two major problems with all RO systems. First, all RO's waste a tremendous amount of.....
NanoCeram® vs Ultraviolet Light
Ultraviolet light (UV) systems are good at killing bacteria but they do not filter anything! These UV systems also have a maintenance issue, the lights have a clear glass tube that surrounds the light bulb from water. If the glass leaks and the water hits the light bulb the system is done. That very seldom happens but the real problem.....


Once installed does water purifier require any service or parts?
Yes, All in water purifier needs occasional attention and many require replacement filters & cleansing. Follow our services plan and maintenance package recommended service and maintenance instructions.
How can I know whether I can install the machine?
We will provide free of charge site check before installation, you can discuss with our staff how you would like place and arrangement
Do you have any extra cost on installation?
Our package already includes basic installation. Extra cost will be quoted to you when our staff perform site check
Can I connect my water purifier to faucet?
Yes, we have special adapter for connection from main water source
How the water purifier connects with water source?
We have special adapter to connect your water pipe to our water purifier. Details can be shown on site check
Do your water tube certified?
Yes, our water tube has been certified to NSF 51 and 61. It can withstand 15.5 bar (230psi) water pressure at 25 temperatures, and withstand 8 bar (120psi) at 65c temperature
How long is the installation?
Usually it takes one hour for installation and cleaning
Do I need to clean the filter before drinking?
All the machine will be fully sterilization before install, our staff will also perform cleaning once the installation is completed
Will you charge extra cost for remote island?
No. we don’t have any extra cost for delivery
I will relocate my home; can I relocate the water purifier myself ?
We strongly recommend relocate the water purifier by us, we will dismantle and move the water purifier to your new home and installed it . You only have to pay relocation cost for this job.

Warranty and maintenance

How do you know when you have reached the gallon capacity on the filter?
We recommend replacing the filter every 6 months for optimal quality depending on individual water consumption. There commended daily intake of water is a 2000cc per person
How often do I need to change a filter?
The frequency of filter change depends naturally on the quality of the water being purified by your Osmosis Water purifier. We generally advise filters should be changed at least every six months. However, the model of Osmosis Water Purifier is equipped with flow sensor and Wi-Fi so you will know the life of filters on our web and mobile apps
Will Osmosis call me for filter exchange?
Yes, our customer services will make appointment with you or you can call our hotline or make appointment on the web portal or mobile apps
What is the use of high pressure cleanser?
Bacteria may build up in the panel or water cock along the water purifier, is it a risk to Osmosis Water Purifier. If Osmosis Water Purifier is not cleaned and sanitized regularly there is a potential risk of bacterial, fungal and mold growth in panel, taps and tank. To protect against this happening, Osmosis Water purifier use high pressure steam.....
Is it difficult to change a filter?
Changing a filter in Osmosis Water Purifier has been designed to be as easy as possible. However, you don’t need to worry about it since it will be done by us.
Will it affect the water purifier if I don’t connect with Wi-Fi?
Yes, it works normal but you cannot check the flow and filter life
If my water purifier has problem, how can I do
Just simplify to call hotline to ask our technician for fix it, it is free of charge service within the maintenance period