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OSMOSIS Hybrid Pure 15 Twin


Osmosis Hybrid Pure 15

High Flow Purest Water Filter

With latest Electro Postive technology, it provides the purest drinking water with a highest flow rate

You can visit our desktop version website for further information 

Model : HP15 Twin Stage
Size : 329mm X 135mm X 496mm (WxDxH)
Weight : Net 10kg / Full 16kg


Sanitary and convenience quick cartridge change system to prevent contamination.
Convenient installation & Space efficiency.
Separate particles by electro-positive charge rather than size.
Reduce all types of particles, including Silica, natural organic matter.
Reduce metals(Fe, Cr, Al, Hg, As, Pb), bacteria, Cyst, DNA and virus(Noro virus).
Reduce Chlorine Taste and Odor.
Reduce an organic compound(VOCs) and Trihalomethane(THM)




Undersink water filter

OSMOSIS Hybrid Pure 15 Dobule stage